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Hospital Services

PDM Anesthesia Solutions is an anesthesia billing and management company that provides services to over 250 anesthesia providers in the state of Florida, including one of the largest anesthesia practices in the country. We would like you to consider our services to enhance the anesthesiology practice at your hospital.

Hospitals face numerous challenges with their anesthesia departments. In the recent past, there has been a shortage of anesthesiologists and CRNAs nationwide, causing dramatic cost increases to hire and retain qualified practitioners. There is an increasing Medicare and Medicaid population whose payments for anesthesia services fall so far below rates of commercial carriers, that they do not cover the costs of nurse anesthetists, much less anesthesiologists. Since you certainly hope to provide high quality anesthesiologists to anchor your anesthesia department, you face the prospect of providing a large stipend for this coverage. Because of this, many hospitals are forced to take an active role in creating and maintaining their anesthesia departments and must insure that the business aspects of the anesthesia group are as competent as the clinical practice.

PDM can provide the business structure and billing services that maximizes the revenue from your anesthesiology practice. Because of the size and structure of PDM, the anesthesiology practice at your hospital would have access to expertise they could not create on their own: billing and management staff of over sixty people, a management team with over 100 years experience, built in redundancy to ensure there are no gaps in service, state of the art

anesthesia billing software and computer hardware, a billing compliance plan, and a HIPAA plan.

We welcome meeting with you and your anesthesiologists to discuss how PDM can benefit your organization. Please contact us to get started.